The Story

"Tweaked" and "Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive", a two-part film series, are both shocking and hard to watch films designed to expose the truth about Methamphetamine, the "new drug of choice" ravaging America's youth.

makeup Unlike any past generation in American history, today's youth are described as "the lost generation." A generation that was forced to grow up in a spiritual and moral wasteland. Their world has been seeped in brokenness, abuse, corruption, selfishness, hypocrisy, and hatred. Most are raised in broken homes with divorced, overworked parents, and television as the family baby-sitter.

There have been few role models to respect or emulate, so they have been left to discover identity and personal worth in the light of MTV, Vogue models, and Reality Television. Finding no real comfort or security in these images, and little depth to hold onto, they are left feeling painfully empty and inadequate. Depression, anxiety, apathy and a sense of hopelessness send many headfirst into a lifestyle of alcohol and drugs. Many will risk everything, even life itself, to find one moment of peace.

Every day in America, 13 youth commit suicide, 16 are murdered, 100,000 bring guns to school, 2,200 drop out of school, 500 begin using drugs, 2,500 are assaulted, 630 are robbed and 80 are raped. These statistics are growing every year. One of the greatest contributors to suicide, murder, assault, and violence is a drug that gets little recognition for its damage and seems so innocent that its passed off like aspirin on street corners and high school restrooms. hand

Seemingly harmless and fun, within months it destroys the mind, depleting sanity and logic, making the user paranoid and psychotic. This drug is called Methamphetamine, also known as "speed", "ice", "crank", "glass", "crystal meth", "sketch", "tweak" and "dope". The Office of Drug Control Policy calls the Meth movement "massive" and building momentum across the nation.


These two films closely examine the allure, popularity and destructive influence of Methamphetamine in the lives of several youth. The shorter 20 minute film, "Tweaked", the first in the series, presents a hopeless road to death and destruction. Designed for the classroom or rehab center, it's a "Scared Straight" presentation which delivers a wake up call to the addict or potential user that "there is little room for escape."

"Tweaked: A Generation in Overdrive", part two of the series, runs 50 minutes and includes all of the graphic sequences in part one plus a family of four girls who recovered from meth addiction. Both shows weave through intense and graphic interviews with: kids on the street in Venice Beach, California; a street wise narcotics officer; a drug abuse counselor; and two D.A.'s who reveal the grizzly aftermath of meth-induced crimes typical of those sweeping our country.

For many reasons, America is so consumed with trying to maintain daily comfort and a care free lifestyle, that we are blind to the wave of ruination facing our youth. Denial is costly, and many of our youth are paying with their lives and the lives of those around them.

Our objective in producing both of these films, with the help of a Hollywood Studio, is to expose the complexities of this enormous problem before it cuts a wider path of destruction through the youth of your country. With five of the west coast states, including Hawaii, overwhelmed with meth addiction, and a dozen other states in the mid-west feeling the effects, the time is now.

WARNING: These films may be too intense for young children. Due to strong graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.